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December 10, 2019  

Drama Pods II

December 10, 2019

Reviews of Welcome to Night Vale and The Orbiting Human Circus.

Jazz provided by Mario Rom's Interzone.

In this episode...

Andy has a biopsy performed on the growth on his neck he got from using the Lemon Assimilation shower gel. William helps Andy wrap up his review of Night Vale. The State of South Dakota spent almost half a million dollars to tell the world that it was on Meth. Republican goombah, Rick Perry tells the world that Trump is 'God's Chosen One' and so we should just get behind all the graft and crimes and stuff. The host of the Scene by Scene podcast is still very upset with the bad review Andy gave him on the Tom Waits episode.

December is Winklepicker awareness month at the American Shoe Council.

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Accordion music generously provided by accordion love, the best place on the web to go for sheet music and lessons.

The transcript of the show will appear here when I get around to it.