Review of S-Town from Brian Reed.

Jazz provided by the incomparable Mario Rom's Interzone.

In this episode...

Blaise wakes up his Dad with a special gift and demands chocolate coins for breakfast. Andy begins podcasting and has found his first sponsor. Jen picks up some new body wash out of a long list of options. 

Review of Song Exploder from Hrishikesh Hirway.

In this episode...

Andy has trouble with the Lemon Assimilation and gets lost at Home Depot. Hedge demands a stronger sponsor message for The American Shoe Council.

Reviews of The Tiny House Podcast, Tiny House Lifestyle, Roll With Me, Tiny House Talk, Billy and Morg's Tiny House Hunt, Tiny House Tiny Heart and Giant Head / Small Kitchen.

In this episode... 

Andy seeks help from Siri to send a robot army to stop Trump. Andy explains to Sierra that we are all skeletons covered in meat. Hedge procures lollipops from Hector's Herbals for a night at the Renwick Gallery. Andy attempts an Australian Sonnet about the Lemon, embracing the citric insults that beset English Americans and the overpowering aroma of his body wash.

Reviews of Death in the Afternoon, Death by Misadventure, Coroner Talk and Grief Out Loud.

In this episode...

Sierra is upset at the death of the Japanese Maple tree. Andy is upset at the concept of a 'Nation in Mourning' over George H.W. Bush. In the review of the Coroner Talk Podcast, Andy discovers Trans-phobic fear mongering from a coroner and has to issue a strongly worded rebuke. The family have a funeral for the tree. Two news anchors report on the state funeral of an American hero, heroically, for a nation of heroes. 

Review of Myths and Legends from Jason and Carissa Weiser.

In this episode...

Andy is corrected by an anthropologist. Big Brother Carl poses an interesting challenge. Jeff helps review the podcast. Andy and Hedge get the munchies and attempt to buy poutine from a Food Truck. 

Reviews of Pod Save America and Chapo Trap House.

In this episode...

Andy accepts the challenge from his big brother to attempt to review every podcast in existence. Hedge attempts to buy duck poutine again. Klaxton joins Andy to review the political podcasts. Andy is inspired by Screamin' Jay Hawkins and foolishly attempts a homage to the track 'Ignant and Shit', but this time calling out his white brethren.

Review of The Ballad of Billy Balls by iO Tillett Wright.

Jazz provided by the excellent Mario Rom's Interzone.

In this episode...

Andy receives hate mail and is told to 'GO BACK TO BREXIT'. Jen and Andy reminisce about NYC. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service has a new mission statement and the civics quiz has now become, 'The American Values Test'.

Review of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

In this episode...

Andy asks Siri for help explaining the patriarchy to a six year old. Hedge attends Gender Sensitivity Training at the American Enterprise Institute. Sierra and Andy review the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast. A poem, 'How to Explain the Patriarchy to a Six Year Old'.

Jazz provided by Mario Rom's Interzone.

Episode image of Sierra taken by the Miki Devivo, circa 2012, San Diego.

Reviews of The Adam Buxton Podcast, Larry Wilmore's Black on Air and WTF with Marc Maron.

Jazz from the superb Mario Rom's Interzone.

In this episode...

Andy receives a viral video from a friend, of Chinese Vlogger, 'Seaside Girl Little Seven' and shares it with William. Andy reviews the featured shows with Dan. William's case worker calls and implements a time out.

Adventures in Podcasting...

Andy travels to the Outlier Podcast Festival in Austin and attempts to discover why Austin is weird. Photo credit, Dana Greyson of the excellent travel blog Galley Wench Tales.

Backing music for the Poem and Outro from Mario Rom's Interzone.