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January 24, 2020  

Conversations with People Who Hate Me

January 24, 2020

Review of Conversations with People Who Hate Me from Dylan Marron.

Jazz provided by Mario Rom's Interzone.

In this episode....

The Kerouac Project has published an alumni update from Andy and he remembers his time at the house. Santa is a dick. Axe throwing is fun. Andy is very excited to share with you Dylan Marron's Ted Talk and video series, Every Single Word and Unboxing. Andy attempts to heal the horrible feud that has sprung up between this show and the Scene by Scene podcast. Transcript of the show will be available here eventually. Writers can apply to live for three months at the Kerouac House through March 15th. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe and spread the word! To be showered with compliments, buy me a coffee.