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June 21, 2020  


June 21, 2020

Video clips from the episodes at the Youtube channel:

Clarion Inn Orlando's Tan Promise from episode 20 'The Dream'.

Bernie calls: 'Vote Blue No Matter Who!' from episode 21 'Chompers’. 

Tom Waits Tattoo Consultation with Davide from episode 12 ‘Tom Waits Podcasts’.

'Murder Most Foul' Bootleg Outtake from episode 23 'Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio'.

Corona Jam, 'The G.O.P. is Killing Me'. from episode 25.

'Tell Me Lies About Capitalism' poem from episode 29 'Gaslit Nation'.

The Holy Foreskin from episode 30 'Catholic Podcasts'.

'Deep in the Heart of Texas' from episode 31 'The Blindboy Podcast'